A strong, durable overlock thread which can be used on a wide variety of fabrics from delicates to denim ensuring an excellent stitch quality and seam appearance. It comes in a beautiful array of colours to match your fabric choice.


black 97ATT, burgundy 0526F, cream 0202F, gold 0241F, jeans blue 07949, teal blue 0536F, sky blue 0256F, pale blue 07142, lavender 587MJ, sage green 0516F, forest green 0520F, mid grey 0225F, light grey 09389, navy 0232F, orange 0528F, raspberry 03778, white 0258F, salmon pink 03460, dark brown 0247F, nude 0515F, red 0237F, olive 05324, forest 0520F, fern 0518F, royal blue 0236F, Oyster 314MJ


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