This kit includes:

  • Tailors Shears – These tailor’s shears are designed for professional tailoring. They are completely hot-forged, sharpened by hand and quality-tested to ensure the highest precision and cutting safety from stop face to point. Up to four fingers fit into the large eye which makes it easier to guide the fabric scissors and transfers more force to the cutting action. Because of the asymmetrical design of the tailor’s scissors, the lower blade remains on the work surface, preventing the fabric from lifting and shifting.
  • Thread scissors – These very pointed, super-fine scissors from the make it possible to cut right up to the stitches with millimetre precision. The extremely sharp, rust-proof stainless steel blades give the scissors very good cutting performance and thanks to the generously-sized eyes in the handle sit comfortably in the hand. Lightweight and delicate in design. Suitable for right-handers and left-handers!
  • Tape measure – This tape measure is a classic among the range. Its metal frames stops it from stretching and allows accurate measuring and ease of handling. An eyelet in the metal frame makes it possible to hang up the tape measure easily.
  • Chalk Wheel Stick – With the chalk wheel  marks can be made on all fabrics as easily as with a pen. The fine gear at the top of the pen-shaped chalk wheel draws a clearly visible fine chalk line. The marked line can be effortlessly removed from the fabric after sewing by washing or brushing. The ergonomically shaped shaft of the pen is great for left and right handers, as the index and middle fingers nestle perfectly.
  • Stitch Ripper – Sharp and handy. Ideal for unpicking fabric seams, it features a sharp blade and rounded tip. It has a lovely ergonomic shaped handle. The recessed grips are both soft and anti-slip and let you work for long periods without fatigue. A sturdy stitch ripper, which both looks attractive and sits comfortably in the hand and comes with a safety end cap. And if you want to lengthen the handle when unpicking seams, you can stick the end cap on the end of the handle, where it locks into place.
  • Glass headed pins – The glass-headed pins are the premium variants of the pins. They stand out due to their heat-resistant, round head made of premium glass. The pin’s smooth stem, made of hardened steel, has balanced spring stiffness, and as a result, it cannot bend or break. Its fine tip easily penetrates any fabric, thereby going easy on the fibres.
  • Magnetic pin cushion – This pincushion is ideally suited for the storage of pins next to the sewing machine and the sewing station. The needles are not inserted, but are kept in place by the force of a magnet on the surface.
  • Tacking thread – A premium cotton thread from Gutermann used for securing two or more layers of fabric with temporary hand stitches  before you sew it on the machine. It’s designed to be pulled out afterwards without harming your fabric. This thread performs best when used with big eyed, long needles.
  • Seam gauge – The small, practical, multi-functional hand gauge  simplifies many measuring and marking tasks.
  • Frixon pen – Ideal for transferring pattern markings such as darts. These pens are iron off but please make sure to test on your fabric first.

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