Heat-resistant ironing ruler can be used a number of times.These rulers come in two different sizes (10x30cm & 5×15) which makes it much simpler to prepare all types of seams, folds and pleats for sewing.The measuring, marking, folding and ironing to the wrong side can be done in quick stages with the aid of this practical helper meaning that you can work easily with any size of fabric. Punched lines ensure exact transfer of the marking lines onto the fabric, on the front of both rulers there is a vertical metric scale, which is ideal for trouser and sleeve seams. On the back of the ruler there is a horizontal scale, which allows for perfect marking, folding and ironing of long, straight seams. The instructions printed and illustrated on the stencil are particularly helpful, when shortening trousers.

4 reviews for Ironing Ruler General Purpose
  1. joanneparker23 (verified owner)

    These rulers are fantastic for turning in narrow hems. They allow you to iron down the fabric over the ruler, which makes it much more accurate and time saving too!

  2. Hils (verified owner)

    A must have for your sewing kit, you can finally have an even hem ! Ideal for sleeves or dresses / bigger pieces with 2 size ruler options.

  3. Tara

    I wondered what all the fuss was about and now I know. These rulers are excellent and I couldn’t hem without them. One of my favourite recent purchases.

  4. Elizabeth Harper

    This is a great tool for measuring and pressing up hems of different sizes. It makes the process much easier.

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