The Sagebrush Top is an elegant and easy-to-sew blouse that is a joy to make and wear. The Sagebrush is designed for woven fabrics and looks great in breezy fabrics like cotton voile, as well as more structured fabrics like a crisp linen. The simple design of the top lends itself well to customisation. Loose without being baggy, the type of breezy fit you’ll want to wear all summer. Generous puff sleeves and gathers across the front make it comfortable to move in. The tie at the back neckline makes it simple and cute! The Sagebrush looks great tucked into something high waisted.

This top was drafted using sample measurements for a B cup and a height of 5’6”.
The model in the blue top is wearing size 4X with no modifications. She is 6′ (183cm) tall. The model in the orange gingham is wearing a size small with no modifications. She is 5’6″ tall (168cm) tall.

Skill level : Beginner

Suggested fabrics: Designed for woven fabrics. Cotton voile, rayon or linen (looks great made in fabrics like cotton voile with a bit of drape, as well as more structured fabrics like a crisp linen).

Fabric requirements:

  • XS-M // 45” wide fabric // 2.1 yards (1.9 metres)
  • XS-M // 54 – 60” wide fabric // 1.6 yards (1.5 metres)
  • L-XXL // 45” wide fabric // 2.4 yards (2.2 metres)
  • L-XXL // 54-60” wide fabric // 2 yards (1.8 metres)
  • 1X-4X // 45” wide fabric // 2.7 yards (2.5 metres)
  • 1X-4X // 54-60” wide fabric // 2.3 yards (2.1 metres)
  • 5X-7X // 45″ wide fabric // 2.9 yards (2.6 metres)
  • 5X-7X // 54-60″ wide fabric // 2.5 yards (2.3 metres)


  • Includes sizes XS – 7X. Please check the size chart and finished garment measurements.


  • Matching thread
  • Safety pin
  • 1 yard ½” (.5 cm) wide elastic


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