There’s only one thing I enjoy more than sewing: teaching children how to sew!

Sewing’s always been my favourite hobby. After gaining A* at GCSE, I kept up with various courses and online tutorials. Then my life took a lovely turn when I heard from Kaye, who’d been impressed by a coat I’d made, which I’d posted about on social media. I now work at The Studio and love it!

The children’s classes we run are incredible – watching young people learn to sew and seeing their huge pride in the things they make. I think I feel just as proud, having helped children to enjoy learning new skills. I’m convinced that the techniques and confidence they gain here will form essential building blocks for just about anything they do in future.

One of the best things for the girls and boys who join us has to be the no-pressure environment after school. They come along and have fun, in a relaxed environment, while channelling their creativity into everything from bookmarks to zipped hanging organisers and making clothes they love wearing. By the end of a course, it’s lovely to see how they’ve really bonded as a group, with friends from outside of school.

As well as teaching the children’s courses I also assist with the admin at The Studio, helping to organise classes and keeping in touch with all our clients. Hey, whenever you fire off an email to us, it’ll probably be me who gets back in touch with you!

Harriet x

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