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Elaine & Kaye

Dates and Times

Dates – Thursday 5th November – 10th December

Time  – 1-3pm

Course Description

Join our sewing community and dedicate two hours of your week to yourself. Through this second lockdown we have taken social sewing online giving an opportunity for more people to take part!

How does it work?

Social sewing is the opportunity to catch up with your friends and stitch yourself something wonderful to wear!

The class will take place in a ‘virtual classroom’ using the video meeting software Zoom. You will need to have Zoom installed on the device you intend to use for the class, it’s free and easy to use. If you haven’t used Zoom before we suggest you have a practice before the class. Please download the free version via this link

  • We also suggest choosing a quiet area to set up your machine next to your device. To achieve the best internet connection please reduce as many items as you can that are connected to your router.
  • You will receive an email link once you have signed up that will take you directly to the class. All you need to do is click on the link just before we are due to start. We suggest signing in 10 mins before the start time, you will be held in a virtual waiting room.
  • We encourage you to turn on your own video and audio so we can interact, and you can ask us questions – the idea is that it’s as much like an in-person class as possible!

All you need to have ready is your project and your sewing station. Our lovely tutors will be on hand to give you the confidence and skills to enable you to complete any tricky parts, so it’s a great time to tackle a technique which you haven’t done before. You will also be able to listen to others and your knowledge will grow with them too! The beauty of these sessions is that not only will we guide you through the making of your garment, but you will be able to see what everyone else is up to and learn from them too. It is also a great opportunity to share idea and inspiration. These sessions are very much student lead and designed to help you get the most out of your time with us.

Social sessions sessions are booked in blocks of 5/6 weeks and each session is £10 for 2 hrs tuition.

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